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Do you want to be a Pilot | Basic Eligibility criteria in India

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                       Pilot is wonderful career with full of enthusiasm and passion. Those who want to be an aviator (flying heavier than air machines) must be a good learner in all aspects. It is such a career with high recognition in the society. Of course, the salary range of the pilot will be more around the lakhs per month in India. Let see, what are the requirements is needed to start a career as a pilot?

How to become a Pilot: 

                     Pilot is not simple career as you have learned “how to drive a car?” You are the responsible person for hundreds of life in a single aircraft or airplane. You may need to carryout more than 100 checks before flying a passenger aircraft or other private jets.

Pilot trainings schools:

                  There are several pilot training schools are available in India to offer best pilot training courses. But, suggestion of mine is choose the best pilot training schools at your own risk by doing some reviews and other norms about the training. Since, training fees of those academies will vary from time to time due to several reasons at the time of joining.  


                     It is almost true that some necessary requirements needed before you are going to join the pilot trainings schools. Here is the list of basic eligibilities:
  •     You should have completed the 10+2 years of education with physics, chemistry, maths   as  your major subjects
  •       You must have scored 50 percentage of marks in above mentioned education
Then, any other
                Yes, I recommend you to take care of your eye and body. Physical fitness is utmost important throughout your career.

How much cost will it take to join in pilot training schools 

                It is the point where everyone will have a big question. Yes, it is absolutely right, the cost of training will be around 15 to 20 lakh plus. It will be more or less based on the type of license you need. There are different license like SPL, PPL, CPL  

      SPL: Student pilot license is the basic step to start a career

      PPL: Private Pilot License can be obtained by 60 hours of flying (with trainer and individual flying)

      CPL: commercial pilot license can be obtained by 190 hours of flying 


Is there any other way to become a pilot in India?

            If some above conditions is not suitable to you in terms of cost, then you should prefer to go to Indian air force, they will select you based on the performance in the AFCAT exam and other tests etc, will be conducted by SSB. 

Note: This is only suitable for those who want to work as a fighter pilot for indian nation and not for the salary

Age limit: 19 to 23 years. Below, I have given basic eligibility conditions, taken from the airforce advertisement, published on 2012. It may vary in future.

 All the best !!!

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