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Aeronautical engineer salary in India

By : Engineer
On : 08:06

                          In reality, the aeronautical engineer has fair enough salary than other type of engineer. But, reaching to that position is very tough job in India. Aerospace engineer in a reputed company will have more complicated work to do in both theoretical and practical.

Real fact behind the aeronautical engineer salary:

                         Are you out of the aerospace industry? You cannot conclude the salary ranges of an aeronautical engineer. Since, it actually differs from one company to another. In India, most of the fresh (pass out) aeronautical engineers getting their salary from RS.15000 to 50,000 per month in total.

Which factors keeps the huge engineer’s pay:  

                         It is not the fact that every aeronautical engineer has the same quality of technical knowledge when they completed the degree .Therefore; it is purely relying upon the skills and passion in their career path. Such critical factors which influence the aeronautical engineer salary are company standard, designation, fund, projects involved.

                     Company standard:

                                   This is the foremost notable factor, incase of salary range of an aerospace engineer. It is extremely important aspect for those who want high salary package in aviation field in india. Most giant companies like Boeing, Airbus, GE offering good remuneration to their employees. So, an aeronautical engineer should keep an eye on these companies for good job and pay.


                                  Designation is also an important aspect, regarding pay scale of an aeronautical engineers. The simple estimation of salary is given below.

  •              General Manager of a reputed company: more than one lakh per annum
  •              Aircraft Design engineer: RS. 50,000 to 90,000 per month
  •              Aircraft Analysis engineer: same as design engineer’s salary
  •              Technical publication author: 15,000 to 40,000 per month        

                Fund and projects:

              Aerospace company will recruit people by considering the amount of fund declared when they sign a project. Thus, in india salary range of an aerospace engineer manly depends on above three major factors.


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