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Safran Aerospace / Safran Engineering services interview questions

By : Engineer
On : 02:28

                      Safran aerospace India pvt ltd is one of the leading aerospace companies in Bangalore. By knowing this, I had just applied for the technical authoring post via naukri. I was not sure in the job that I had applied, in terms of interview call. But, luckily I got a call from safran. HR called and asked me some questions whether I was interested in that technical author job or not…. Okay, you can go and read below what I actually conversed with HR.

Here, I want to share the conversations happened like a telephonic interview between me and HR (lady)

Conversation over a mobile:

HR: are you interested in technical authoring job?
Me: yes mam, I am interested 

HR:  But, the bond period is about three years, is that okay for you?
Me: No problem, I am really interested in joining your company

HR: Alright, do you have any previous experience in the technical authoring job.
Me: Sorry, I have no experience in that. 

HR: okay, leave it. We will provide training for you. Can you attend the Interview on Monday?
Me: yes mam, I can Attend the interview. Can you send me the venue details?

HR: I will send all the details to your email id. You should check out and come. All the best
Call ended…

Finally, I prepared well and went to the safran company in mid November of 2011

As I know, the authoring job is about creating manuals for the aircrafts and its parts. Therefore, I focused on the maintenance manual book while preparing for the interview.

Safran aerospace interview process:

            After reaching Safran aerospace company, I was allowed to sit in the reception area. Then, HR came up and asked me to come to the cafeteria at the top floor of the company’s building.

Safran aerospace interview questions: 

         I was requested to occupy the seat near the round table. Then, HR distributed the questions to me and others who all came for the same interview.

Questions asked:

Questions are consists of different sections. Patterns of the questions papers is as follows

Aptitude:  They asked from bar, charts, time and work and logical reasoning

  • They given the diagram of machmeter, altimeter and turn bank indicator and they want us to answer the functions of that components etc.
  • Efficiency of the jet engine at higher altitude
  • What is main component is involved in case of directional stability?
  • Most of the technical questions are like a true of false objective types.
That all, I finished the interview and asked HR about the results. She replied “we will call you if you have been shortlisted “

I did not get any call from them and I finally realized I should have answered very well than other.
So, job seekers, you should prepare well if you want to get in safran. 

Thank you for reading and leave a comment below this blog post.


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