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Top Aerospace/Aeronautical colleges in India

By : Engineer
On : 08:45
                           It is good for me to write the post on the best and top level aeronautical colleges in India. As an aeronautical engineer, I would suggest you some important factors before you are going to select the colleges in India.
                           Before going to discuss about the topic, you need to check out the below details that make you to understand the aerospace/aeronautical courses status in India.

Aeronautical jobs status for (pass out) fresh engineers:

                           Apart from other courses, the aeronautical course has such a critical problem in getting the job, particularly in India right now (job requirement- it will be good in the future).
                          For example, in IT industry, (company) they will employ 1000 people from 1500 by conducting off campus or any other recruitment process, frequently once in a year
                       But in the aerospace industry, they only need few people for designing and analysis job and it can be done by a mechanical engineer too.

Are you a looking salary?

                           Are you just thinking that aeronautical degree can earn you more money in your life? It is definitely not. It is a career with enthusiasm and passion. It is not equal to software engineer and any other professions. If you prefer to earn more money, choose the MBA degrees that give you lakhs per month when you do in IIM.

                          Approximately, I want to point out the salary details in aerospace industry and it is right guess for me after several interviews.

Design engineers and analysis engineer: starting salary – 17,000 to 50,000 per month, you can reach up to one lakh above if you have more experience.

Maintenance and overhaul: starting salary – 15,000 to 25,000 per month

Salary is purely based on the talents and increment of your salary is based on the experiences.

How to select the aeronautical colleges in India:

                         In my point of view, there are several factors in choosing the colleges and I have listed out the two important factors that you need to take care before the decision. 
1)  Placement facilities:
                         It is vital factor that you need to take care of. Because, so many colleges have no placement facilities or those colleges have started this course recently. 

 2) College infrastructure:
                       The second thing that you should know is, whether those colleges have fully equipped with lab facilities and teaching staffs.

How to recognize above two qualities:
                       The only way is that to visit those colleges and ask the same college students. They will reveal the pros and cons of their college and facilities.

Basic eligibility:
                        You must have passed the 12th standard exam –physics, chemistry, maths as part of your the subjects. This eligibility will differ from state to state in india. You can do the diploma in aeronautical after your 10th standard.

Now, where is the best, good and top aerospace/aeronautical engineering college?

IIT – Indian institute of technology    

Your first preference should be on iits. It has several branches in india and there is no doubt in good placement facilities and fees structure is low when compare to other colleges

Entering procedure: write JEE exam and get good marks to enter

Private universities:

                    Universities like VIT, SRM, and other reputable private universities offering this course by conducting their entrance exam every year. 

Other colleges:

                         In this case, you should be more careful in selecting the colleges. As I said earlier, that two main factors like placement, infrastructure are to be considered.  


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