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BPO jobs for Aeronautical |Aircraft maintenance Engineers

By : Engineer
On : 19:02
In :
          Hi friends, today I would like to share with you about the bpo openings in Wipro Company. Have you weird of low percentage in your academic marks? Then this is right choice for you. This job post contains the consultancy name which is located at Bangalore. So, I request you to make some review about that consultancy before going to pay some bucks. If you loss your money and I am not responsible for it.

Company name: Wipro BPO

Consultancy name: cosmic consultants

Location: Pune

Qualification need: Aeronautical /Aircraft maintenance Engineers

Positions available and experience required:

Operation head - fifteen year experience
Operations managers: with ten year experience
Team leaders: with six to eight years experience
Sr analysts: five years
Analysts: Two years

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