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Goodrich Aerospace Interview questions | Graduate Engineer Trainee interview process

By : Engineer
On : 20:03
                                      It was a real interview experience with the Goodrich aerospace company which is located in Bangalore, India. When I was searching for the job, I had noted that Goodrich is one of the best aerospace companies with several branches across the country. 

                            As an aeronautical engineer, I had applied for the post GET (Graduate Engineer Trainee) in the production unit of Goodrich aerospace.

When I was called for the interview

                                I cannot remember the date of the interview call in the previous year, but I can tell that, it was between October and November and the time was in the evening 3 to 4’o clock.

What they asked me in the phone?

                                Recruitment HR asked my education qualification; especially he was focused to ask about the percentage in my school and college studies, which should be more than 65 % for the eligible process.
                           Then he asked me to come for the interview with my qualification certificates and mentioned the time in the interview call letter via email.

Interview process:

                           I was asked to sit in the cafeteria by the HR when I had reported on time for the interview in the reception area. Then, I had a chance to speak with other candidates who all came for the same GET post.

                           HR came and distributed the interview question paper that consists of two set of questions. (i.e) aptitude and mechanical paper


Aptitude questions:

                           It was bad for me that I had not prepared enough in the aptitude questions. The questions were from bar, charts, percentage, time and work etc.

Mechanical Paper:

                             The questions were from vibrations, engines, engineer mechanics, strength of materials etc.



                         I was failed in the interview process and took that as real good experience with that company. Out of 30 members, they had selected only 6 members for the next technical round.

                   Prepare well in aptitude and mechanical paper if you are going to attend the interview in Goodrich aerospace.

All the best!!!




  1. could you please tell me when this test was held??
    Did they ask probes or formulas in mech section??
    and did they ask reasoning in aptitude??
    dint they ask problems on trains,ages,percentage,profit loss??
    awaiting your asap..!!

    1. last year august(2011)
      trains,ages,percentage,profit loss - these questions will be asked every time to filter the candidates. focus on this too.

      for me, distance, reasoning like like 1, 4 ,9,X ,25 , what is that X

    2. thanks a lot for ur reply,
      and in mechanical section what sort of questions wer askd??

    3. i don't remember that things ,but u prepare well basics of your subject,like thermodynamics, strength of materials. they may change the questions patterns from time to time. don't forget to prepare well in aptitude.
      all the best

  2. I want to join goodrich aerospace. How to join?


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