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Product Development Engineer job at Asteria Aerospace

By : Engineer
On : 06:58
In :
Are you waiting for my post ! alright , this post is for freshers.  i suggest you to call the company and make sure that still there is job vacancy?.  Because , sometimes available position  may expire due to lot of job application / old posted job ( company usually forget to remove )

Qualification Required : 

                  Bachelor's/Master’s degree in Aerospace/Mechanical/Civil engineering

 Experience : 0 to 3 years 

More Detail :

Company's Address :
Asteria Aerospace Pvt. Ltd 
No. 9/1, 2nd Floor, Cambridge Cross Road, Ulsoor
Bangalore - 560008, India 

Suggestion :

                   Asteria Aerospace is a new start up company , they had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with National Aerospace Laboratories (Nal) for developing MAV ( micro aerial vehicles ). so, send your resume at


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  1. Great post....Product engineers are the technical interface between the component development team and the production side (Front End and Back End), especially after the development phase and qualifications when the high volume production is running.Product Engineering and DevelopmentSee more to get information.


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