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Walkin at Capgemini for technical author / illustrator job (16 feb 2013)

By : Engineer
On : 04:53
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I bring you the new job update for aeronautical and AME students. This update is useful for one year experienced candidates. Its a technical authoring / illustrating job at Capgemini. Once, I had a chance to visit over there as a fresher and read below to know my interview experience.

Capegemini has several branches in Bangalore and my interview happened at Brigade Metropolis branch.

Now interview......

When I was near to the gate, security asked me to show the call letter. After finishing basic formalities , I had entered into the company’s second floor and it was so cool to see the separate interview cabins . I sat outside the interview cabins and waited for my turn. HR came and gave me the form to fill up some necessary details.
Finally, my chance came and I entered into that cabin and interviewed by two experienced people.

Capgemini interview questions : 

   One good thing about the capgemini is that there is no written test. You should able to get the face to face interview at the first round itself. So here I share you the  interview questions…

1)      Tell me about yourself
2)      Explain about hydraulic, pneumatic systems.
          3)     Fly-by-wire system
       4)     By which means pilot able to fly the aircraft from one place to another. (I said using GPS navigation )
5)      Do you know Catia
6)      Asked me to draw the top and side view of a picture which was behind the two interviewing professional. It looked like  an ATM machine. I forgot to draw the thickness of the side view and didn’t mention the hidden line
7)      Asked my photo  and told me that the HR will call you within a week.

Finally , I never got a call from them. But , I came to know that if there is more number of competition between fresher and experienced, they would prefer to take the experienced professional rather than just passed out candidates.

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  1. may i know your qualifications and other details


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