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Aeronautical engineering colleges in India

By : Engineer
On : 02:16
                              Hi everyone and I warmly welcome you to my blog to know about the aeronautical engineering colleges in India. In this post I have listed out the aeronautical / aerospace colleges in India by state wise order.

Real Truth about Aeronautical colleges in India:

                           Aerospace/aeronautical colleges in india are different from state to state (i.e.) Based upon the facilities and exam patterns which it actually differs, choosing the right aerospace/aeronautical engineering college will give you the more chance of getting good job.

Study period:

                 Most of the colleges in india will give you the degree when you complete the four year of study without arrear/backlog.

How to apply:

                 Colleges have different approach to intake the student based on the entrance test marks or higher level school studies marks.

For example:
                            Management quota: college will give you the seat by taking some amount from you. Some universities/colleges are following this trend as per their management rules.

                           General quota: You (student) need to write an entrance exam which will be conducted by a reputable university. Then, you will be called for counseling to choose the aeronautical colleges which is under/affiliated with the same university.

Due to increasing number of colleges every year, there will be the possibility to expect more aeronautical engineering colleges in every states of India. Hence, I can provide the details as per current condition.




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