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Aeronautical projects | Complete suggestion for aeronautical students

By : Engineer
On : 07:01

                              There is no doubt that a project work will be the casting mould for your career .Especially, if you are an aeronautical engineer, the thirst of doing a project will be more than other department students. There are several strategies that you need to follow while doing a project. 

4 Things or strategies that you need to know before start an aeronautical engineering project:

       Avoid bad start:

               For example, I found some aeronautical engineers started with the thought of doing RC (radio controlled) aircraft/airplane as a project in their final year studies. I am not discouraging you and that is not a bad engineering project idea though. But the real fact is that RC plane is not simple as you think, it may require more than one year of hard work in all technical areas. But, you can take that work as a hobby and when it comes to real project, you have to speak about mission, range, structures, propulsion, aerodynamics and finally what’s new in that project( since ,may be thousands of students had done the same project in all other previous occasion).

                Asking senior students about their projects and expecting the frequent help may not possible all the time. Seeking help from the senior lecturer/professor can help you to start the project.

    Team members:

               Choosing the right team member is another success steps to do an aeronautical engineering project. If you don’t know how to choose the team members, I will give the top hints to form a team.

Choose:  Energetic person
                Subject knowledge person
                Interested person – even if he/she don’t know the subject more deeply
                Rich or financier person – another add up value to increase your confidence

    Choosing the project name or thesis:

After forming as a team,
·         Discuss about the projects that you have already read or heard.
·         And list out the drawbacks which you’d like to fix it.
·         Discuss about the new technology available to overcome the faults.
·         If you and your team members would like to start a new project, get help from your teaching staff.
·         With enough details, try to prepare the abstract for the project topic that you have taken.

    Are you Planning or speaking: 
 Planning is the important step to carry out a successful project. Basically, the project idea starts with innovation (i.e) you want to show that your project is different from previous/other project work. Big dream of project idea with scattered thoughts is not enough to accomplish the task. Below, I have listed out the some of the planning work that you need to take before start an aeronautical project with good mindset.

       Buy a note book and give it to your team members.
          Ask them to write their ideas which they want to imply in the project
         Show those innovative ideas to respective professors and get suggestions from them
         Plan the schedules and work as per timings
      Split up the work among your team members

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